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born between Sonáis of image tech-- nology, others amateur photographers, some natiye to the Azores, others adopting the archipel-ago as their chosen place of residence at certain moments of their lives, thus becoming a part of the islands forever. The Collection is made up fay a wide range of different gazes, expressed either in the language of black and white analogue technol-ogy and focusing on comprehending the essence of that conveyed by forms, or using colour digital technology to express their landscapes, but always linked to the archipelago. This relationship with the islands is intimate and is characterised by affec-tion for the land and its culture, to which the photographers contribute the objectivity derived from their residence abroad: either because one day they left their homeland, or because one day they arrived from abroad and decided to cali this land their home.
Representing the Azores, the five photographers are taking part in Tenerife's eighth bienniaí interna-tional photography exhibition FotoNoviembre 2005, in an tnitiative which, rather than being the, direct result of a project derived from a communi-ty programme, goes beyond the specific objectives of concrete projects and is prompted by one of the main goals of this wealth of interregional co-operation programmes set up by the European Community, namely the practical assimilation of a European spirit. Furthermore, this participation aróse (although not directly) from the good insti-tutional relatións established as the result of the MEDIAT Memoria Digital Atlántka-Fotografía pro]- '-ect, carried out from the year 2003 to the present, whose partners include, among others, the archi-pelagos of Madeira and the Canary Islands, the Island of Tenerife Photography Centre (C.FI.T.) and the Regional Directorate for Culture of the Autonomous Región of the Azores. However, since those involved are pepple who ensure the relevance of these institutions, ¡t could also be said that the initiative aróse out of the C.FI.T direcr tor's enthusiasm for photography, a key character-istic of this true professional, as well as out of the determinaron of the Regional Azores Government to take advantage of the project for the preservation.