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Born in Melilla, in 1972. Between 1993 and 1997, Alejandra Weil participated in various courses,
seminars and photographic workshops given by Bernard Plossu, Koldo Chamorro, Javier Vallhonrat, Mariano Zuzunaga and Eduardo Mome+e, amongst others. She has been awarded grants by the Instituto de Juventud (Youth Organisation) for study trips to the Cologne Art Fair and the exhibition of Germinations III in Breda, Holland. She participated in the "First International Open University" "Youth in Evolution", a travelling itinerary in Romanía, organised by UNESCO, and the European Economic Community, in order to attend the meetings of "Germinations IX", in Budapest. In 1994, she received first prize at the Certamen de Jóvenes Creadores de Melilla(CreativeYouth Competition). She has participated in several group exhibitions and the following are of particular interest: "Germinations IX", European Bien nal of Young Artists in Prague and Nice, 1996/97, "Propuesta 96", Círculo de BBAA de Madrid, 1996, VI Photographic Competition "Rosa Pardo", Latin American States Organisation, Madrid 1997 and "The Álbum: when the eye caresses", Canal de Isabel II, Madrid, 1997. Alejandra Weil has had solo exhibitions at the CEV, Madrid 1993 and Fotogalería Zoom, in Santander, in 1994, as well as several specialised publications; also forming part of the collection of the Instituto de la Juventud (Youth Organisation).