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Sur les traces de l'Afrtque Fantome
Francoise Huguier has carried Leiris' book (after two years trave-lling her pocket edition copy is as dog-eared and battered as a Muslim hermit's Koran) like an address book, an appointments agenda from Ihe beginning of the thirties. In the very same houses that saw the Mission pass through, she has re-encountered the des-cendants of the characters of L'Afríque lanióme. Tamba Counda's twins may be fridge repairers today bul they are still artists and scientists like their fat-her. The grandchildren of the king of Porto Novo or of the sultans of Garoua and Ray Bouba nave kept theír positíon. She has found men who saw the Mission pass through and who witnessed Leiris and Griaule's taking away of the fetish of their villages ... She hasn't dis-covered África through Leiris' Journal and the changes that have taken place since The Mission are not a source of amazement. The "before-after" effect is not what is striking about the phoptographs she has taken of the places where Michel Leiris gained his impres-sions of África. Her pictures do not say "things aren't what they used to be, poor África, etc". Rather they back up the sentimental conslruc-tlon of Leiris and restore the taste for the marvellous that took him to África.
Michel Cressale


III Bienal