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"The Sage of the Earth"
Vendors, Latln-American indians, pine-needle gatherers, farm labou-rers, quacks, the poor...Each and every one of them fights tirelessly to defend their most treasured pos-session: their freedom. In a strongly consumerist society where only material goods are valued, the last "sage of the earth" swim against the tide in order to maintain their way of life. The exhibition offered by José Ramón Oller is much more than a simple collection of portraits. These images are not merely documentan/, they are portraits charged with meaning that expose very pro-nounced details of the personality and nature of each character. By means of his camera, he has been able to penétrate the hard features and reach the suffenngs and expe-riences of the very soul, Oller does not portray faces, but rather the profound psychology of men and women proud of their humble way of life and of their folklore.
The emotional charge of their expressions, the strength behind their gaze, are highlighted by the use of neutral and indefinite depths used by the photographer as a stage for his photographs. These are fascinatingly provocati-ve images, full of dignity and beauty, which invite profound reflection, rather than mere con-templation.