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Enrique Sánchez González of the Valley (Fortress of San Juan - Real City, 1881 - The Laguna, 1967): photographer and painting Paris, 75 years later

This artist, formed in the Academy of fine arts of San Fernando (Madrid) and settled down in Tenerife from 1910 for labor reasons, encouraged by their family environment he/she sent their works outside of the insular frontiers to national magazines as The Sphere or Blanco and Black that ended up publishing some of their photographic compositions. As their works were known in the exterior the contacts they grew, arriving him invitations to participate in international events. Its relationship with photographers of grateful category served as vehicle to exchange experiences and points of view in the line pointed by the same Ramón and Cajal who it recognized that „the picture remains in intimate relationship between the art and the science „.
In the year 1991 are taken out of an incomprehensible anonimity through the sample Fotonoviembre, organized by the Center of Picture „Island of Tenerife „whose mentors were Antonio especially it Veils and Álvaro Sánchez Fernaud who outlined an interesting query related with Enrique's participation Sánchez González of the Valley in the XXI International Living room of Paris 1926: How was this character's connection possible with the exterior, keeping in mind the derived conditions of the isolation of the archipelago in this time?
The investigations carried out aim several hypothesis in this respect. Of a part, the reception of national press and specialized magazines - mainly of Madrid and Barcelona that developed their work from the first years of this century and until very entrance the decade of the twenty - of the category of The Picture, The Sphere, Lux, The photographic Progress, Criterium, Photographic Magazine, Radium, Agfa, Photographic Art or Picture, to those that he/she had access soon after some from their trips to Madrid or given their relationships of professional nature as official of Public Works. Of another side, it is necessary to mention their contacts with personalities of the world of the picture: José Ortiz Echagüe (1896-1989, photographer documentalista of great size), Joaquín Pla Janini (1879-1970, specialist in transported bromóleo), Joan Vilatobá Figols (1878-1954, one of the first photographers pictorialistas), Claudio Carbonell (1891-1970, photographer pictorialista of great stylistic purity), Josep Mª Casals (1900-1986), Inocencio Schmidt of the Heras (1900-1975), Eduardo Susanna (1894-1951) and José Tinocó (1881-1951), these last members of the Real Photographic Society, with headquarters in Madrid. This way, from these premises it became viable a quick connection among diverse places of the European continent.
Enrique Sánchez, next to other national photographers of fame, converged to the XXI International Living room of Paris 1926. There it will be grateful and winning their work, being ennobled the contributions from this to the field of the picture: „Enrique Sánchez is one of those magnificent fond photographers in the one that the superb clichés equal and they sometimes overcome those of the best professionals“ in words of A. Pascal Levis. Their photographic chore was judged, to the artist and its works: „Youth that is part of the International Living room of the Picture in Paris, is a wonderful page where the artistic qualities of first order register in big letters. Impossible to reveal more masterful security in the punctual measure of the work, the distribution of the light, more the fine sensibility and the capacity or maneuver flexibility in the treatment of the masses. I have before me other reproductions of works of Enrique Sánchez: all prove or all are reflective of their perfect technical knowledge and of a deep feeling of the beauty and of the line „. The worthy picture of the prize will be the one titled the grandmother's story.
At the end of the 80, when Antonio Veils he carried out some formation courses in United States it arrived to his hands an English magazine, published in 1979, The photographicolector´s guide among whose pages reproduced a titled picture The grandmother or the grandmother's story and attributed to „a creator installed in The Lagoon, Enrique Sánchez of the Valley „. The journey of the same one had been spectacular and the discovery not less suggestive.
The one mentioned picture - their daughter's property, Elena Sánchez García, residing in Madrid and that he/she opened the way to a later pictorial work, oil has more than enough cardboard, 36X26 -, it had been exhibited in diverse places as it consists in its reverse: The Camera Club, New York, 1 at October 15 1931; Institute of Arts and Sciences, Department of Photography, Brooklyn, New York, October of 1931; Omaha Camera Club, Omaha, Nebraska (s.f.); Camera Club Kodak of Rochester, New York, 1931-1932; Syracuse Museum of Art, I.M.C.A Dies. ,Nueva York (s.f.) ; Cleveland Photographic Inst., Cleveland, Ohio (s.f.) ; Oregon Camera Club Inc., Portland, Oregon; The Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee at the Milwaukee Art Institute, Milwaukke, Wisconsin (1932); Orange Camera Club, East Orange, New Jersey (s.f.); Portage Camera Club, Akron, Ohio (s.f), and Chicago Camera Club, Chicago, Illinois (s.f.) .
The relationships among the photographic publications that had their action center in Paris and the Atlantic coastal cities of the United States were relatively flowing among the years 20 and 30. Plus still since Alfred Stieglitz - photographer located horse among Walt Whitman and Walker Evans - and their Camera Work began to cause furor in America, from 1903 at 1917, using the gallery that possessed in the 291 of the Fifth Avenue of New York like reception center and diffusion of works of diverse origin. With the result that, transferred Enrique's work Sánchez from Paris until the coast this American one, the step for the reference places would constitute a given feasible mechanism the connections among those „camera clubs „and the museums and investigation centers, keeping in mind the category of the work.
He/she never abandoned their character of artist documentalista; however, starting from 1940 it will be the painting the one that will come to center all their passion for the essence of the artistic creation.

- Honorary mention in the First Regional Exhibition (University of The Lagoon, September of 1947).
- Medal in the Regional Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture (University of The Lagoon, June of 1951).
- Second prize in the X Exhibition of fine arts (Literary Cabinet, The Palms of Great Canaria, June of 1962).
- Medal of Honor of the Circle of fine arts to an entire trajectory (April of 1965).
- First prize in the Photographic Competition summoned by The Press (Santa Cruz of Tenerife, December of 1916).
- Accéssit in the Competition of Posters summoned by the City council of Santa Cruz of Tenerife (parties of May of 1922).
- First prize in portraits: I compete of Picture of the Republican Youth of Santa Cruz of Tenerife (May of 1923).
- I reward to the work „the grandmother's story „presented in the XXI International Living room of Paris 1926.
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J. G. G. Advisory of Social Sciences of Secondary, CEP of Santa Cruz Tenerife