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Ritual Settings

Ritual Settings
Over the last few years the contemporary practice of producing exhibitions has revealed the need for cooperation, not only because therea would be a partici-pation in the funds assigned to this acti-vity, but also because of the guarantee of achieving goals of a better content and quality.
The organizational guideline of Fotono-viembre es to host a country for each edi-tion in order to admirae its photographis production, which shall range from what is considered to be historical to contem-porary photographic creation.
Our first guest at this Biennial es a country which can boast a deep.photographic tradition together with nem pro-fessionals who help to perpetúate this tradition. Once we had held our first mee-tings with the offic[al Mexican represen-tatives and different photographers, we thought it would be interesting to hold an exhibition to show the kind of photo-graphy that is practised in México today, or at least to offer an insight into this pho-tography from present day perspectives and on a contemporary note.
In spite of how difficult it is today to clearly identify photography, it seemed interesting to establish a double line of thought which would allow for a selection of works and authors.
«RITUAL SETTINGS» respondes to this double line of thought inasmuch as it intercon-nects a series of behaviours of society and Mexican culture based on ritual, be it of a festive, religious or simply social natu-re, with the use of «contrued photography» as a reference of the authors and the chosen works.
In the Centro de Fotografía Isla de Tenerife we are convinced that photography is very often caught in the media, in such a way that we believe that to think of Mexican photography as being docu-mentalist is only a symptom of this belief. There es no doubt that the passage of time has continuously given recognition to the works of many talented photographers. But is it enough to know the work of these great professionals? are there not any authors who are disconnected from this style or tendency? Do all Mexican photographers practise documental phoiitography? The amswers to these questions can be obtained from produc-tions such as the one we propose. «RITUAL SETTINGS» is born from the interest of Me-
xican photographers and the interest of the Centro de Fotografía Isla de Tenerife in tearin down archetypes considered to be untouchable, wich can only be justi-fied by the lack of will to get to know and evalúate different works and authors. Ha-ving obtained cooperation on the grounds of exchange of ideas, opinions and concepts es our greates satisfaction. The rest did itself.
This is the first time that the Centro de Fotografía Isla de Tenerife attends an in-ternational co—production, and it does so with the National Counsel for the Culture and Arts of existence, to show our universal vocation to establish bonds of friendship between different people and institutions. We belive this will allow us to deepen our knowledge of photography and divulge photographs and their authors. We are convinced that this will contribute to a better knowledge of our cultures and societies.
Francisco González